Archived Shareware

Audio & MP3

WMA Converter
encodes WAV to WMA or decodes WMA to WAV for burning on CD.
My Voice Diary
a personal voice diary software keep track of your true life!
IntelliScore is a wav to midi converter for live performance.
Visual MP3
Visual MP3 includes MP3 files organization, MP3 playback, lyric-pal display, CD ripper, ID3 tag batch editor and more.
AAA Real Recorder
AAA Real Recorder is a sound recording program , the resulting files are saved in wave-file , MP3-file format.
001 CD Ripper
Rip CD tracks to WAV or MP3 files or convert between MP3 and WAV.
Easy Recorder
records any sound generated, or requested.
Audio Record Wizard
records all sound from your computer’s card into mp3 files directly.
Advanced MP3 CD Ripper
all in one music software of CD to MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG and more.
001 MP3 Encoder
Convert batches of .WAV files to .MP3 files quickly and easily.
Super MP3 Recorder
makes a complete recording studio of your computer.
Easy CD Ripper
Save CD tracks or WAV files into MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, VQF files.
MP3 WAV Converter
Converting between MP3 and WAV files. This program has a cool GUI.
CD to MP3 Maker
Grab CD tracks and convert MP3 to WAV or WAV to MP3.
MP3 CD Maker
The best CD burner that burns MP3 songs on audio CD directly.
MP3 WAVE Converter
Another software that can convert MP3 to WAV or vice versa.
Alto-MP3 Maker
Extract music from audio CD and encode them into MP3 or Ogg Vorbis files.
Audio MP3 Maker
Include a CD ripper, a WAV to MP3 encoder and a MP3/CD player.
MP3 CD Converter
An all-in-one that includes CD burner, CD ripper, encoder/decoder and player.
MP3 to All Converter
Convert MP3 files into WAV, WMA or VQF type of audio files.
CD MP3 Converter
Rip audio CD tracks and save them into MP3 or WMA files.
MP3 from CD
Include a CD ripper, a WAV to MP3 encoder and a MP3/CD player.
Easy MP3 Converter
is conversion tools for convert WAV to MP3, MP3’s to WAV files.
Merak Media Player
Play more than 30 types of media like MP3, WAV, WMA, AVI, MPEG, RM, …
Software Development

Easy Grid Control
Powerful grid control with rich interfaces of edit, print & preview, chart, and more.
Print Preview ActiveX
Print and preview data of grid or table. It’s free to use and source available.

Funny Ball 2
Looking for a fun, attractive and relaxing game? Enjoy a challenge.
Greedy Worm Game
An extended classic worm or snake style game with an amazing vision impact.
Word Puzzle
Training competence of spelling a word with five random arranged characters.

Ace ScreenSaver
Create your professional image slide show, Shockwave flash or movie screensavers.
Easy Screen Saver Workshop
Create and distribute your own shareware/freeware screen savers.
Magic 3D
Make funny virtual 3D christmas card for your friends as christmas gift.
AAA Screen Capture
Capture screenshots and save them into JPEG, GIF or BMP files.
True Screen Saver Builder
Create professional screensavers with music, images, effects with ease.
Dream Screensaver Maker
Create beautiful screen savers of your own easily with pictures, songs.
Ace Capture
A screenshot tool that includes several functionalities makes work easier.
CD Cover Maker
Design and print beautiful audio CD cover for your audio CD disc.
Screenshot Maker
Capture screen by windows, buttons, rectangles and save it to JPG or BMP.
Includes a screen capture, a color picker, a screen magnifier, and more.
Super Color Picker
Pick color of any point from your screen and get its color code.
I see picture
Image viewer and editor supports many types of graph.

Super Popup Killer
Stop annoying unsolicited popup windows.
Fast Browser
This powerful web browser would be more useful for you than MS Internet Explorer.
Picture Image Searcher
Search images from the Internet and save them into your local hard disk.
Net Picker
Organize pages, articles, images and other resource you got from the Internet.
Encrypt the source code of your web pages and protect them from being stolen.
Search from several engines at once and show results in tabbed windows.
TrioneX Web Finder
Search from top 10 search engines with a keyword and show results with ranking.
FTP client that can upload files to FTP servers with multi-threads.
Cute Email Sender
Send bulk emails with multi-thread & multi-SMTP technology.
Crazy Email Address Searcher
Email marketing software that collects emails for you.
Crazy Send Email
Send bulk emails with multi-thread & multi-SMTP technology.
Fast Bulk Email Sender
Email marketing software that sends bulk emails with multi-threads.
Flash Find Mail
Search email addresses from SMTP E-mail servers and save them to file.
AAA Email Extractor 
Spide the Internet to search for emails and save them to your disk.
Desktop Utilities

Golden Eye
monitor and record activity on your computer.
PC Remote Control
allows you to operate the remote computer
Tracks Eraser Pro
erase all the tracks safely and completely.
Super Rabbit
Optimize your system registry.
Manage your contacts, anniversaries, notes, diaries, appointments, tasks, and more.
Password Protector
Help you organize and store your passwords safely.
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Laptops Under 400 Dollars

If you wish to purchase the latest computer without breaking your budget there is plenty of information to help you choose the right product for you. There are a wide variety of Cheap Laptops under 400 dollars for customers to own if they wish to do so. Shop assistants will answer your questions and provide you with the support your need to select the perfect laptop, iPad or tablet for your family. It is essential you do your research before buying anything otherwise you will likely pay more than you intended to. The internet will provide you with images of the latest products which is great for people who prefer the online to the offline world. Notebooks are ideal as they allow people to communicate with family, friends, clients and colleagues on a daily basis.

Students can have the pleasure of owning the latest laptop or desktop computer for a fraction of the cost of hiring one. Managers provide people with discounts and special deals to encourage them to appreciate the convenience of using their personal electronic tool whenever they wish. Laptops are the perfect gift for self employed people as they allow them to work wherever and whenever they wish. There are a wide variety of brands to choose from; however, they are not always available when you want them. Managers will order specific brands if you wish them to do so. Many stores have a satisfaction guarantee policy which allows you to return the product if you are unhappy with it.

Staff will either replace the item with a new one or give you back your money no questions asked. You can buy the latest laptop, notebook or tablet without worrying about harming the family budget. It is best to shop around to ensure you choose the most affordable product for you. University students take advantage of the special deals whenever they have the money to do so. Customers can confidently purchase digital products knowing they will receive their money back if they are dissatisfied with them. In conclusion laptops are the ideal present for people who require them for work purposes.

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Reliable Laptops Under $300

Over the last few years a number of companies have introduced mini laptops, usually called Netbooks, into the crowded computing market at very affordable prices. In this article we’ll be looking at a few of the most reliable models that are priced under $300 as well as a couple of full-size laptops that can also be found at this price point. One other option that should be considered if you are someone who needs a slightly larger or more powerful machine, is purchasing a refurbished machine, just make sure you get a trustworthy brand like Asus or Hewlett-Packard so that you don’t run into any problems down the road. Before moving on to look at individual machines, we should note that, due to their small screen size (Netbook screens are usually between ten and eleven inches in size), slower processors and lower RAM, these low-priced Netbooks may not be able to run some of the more intensive applications out there like Photo Shop or video-editing software like Final Cut Pro.

These budget machines are best used for everyday functions like browsing the Internet, streaming movies, listening to music and word processing but this reviewer believes that the keyboard, full size Operating System (usually Windows 7 or 8) and larger hard drives make these computers a better value than most of the tablets on the market, including the much higher priced Apple Ipad. The three most reliable Netbooks under $300 that this reviewer found in researching this article are: the Asus X101CH-EU17, the Dell Inspiron Mini1018 and the HP Mini 110-3730NR. All three of these machines are from well known companies and contain 1GB of RAM, dependable Intel Atom processors and run on Windows 7. In fact, these mini laptops have remarkably similar specs so it really depends on which brand you feel you can trust the most. Two other models you might want to check out in this category are the Acer Aspire One AOD 270-1824 and the Toshiba NB505-N508BL.

One last thing to note before we move on to looking at the full-sized laptops is that, although you may be sacrificing some power in using one of these Netbooks, you also gain in terms of battery life; the HP Mini for example, can run for up to eight hours on a full charge. Finally, we come to the two most reliable full-size laptops this reviewer found under $300. They are the Acer AS5250-BZ641 and the Asus A53U-EH11. The Asus has a 15.6 inch screen, 3 GB of RAM, an AMD 1.33 GHZ dual-core processor and a 320 GB hard drive. The Acer also contains a dual core processor and 3GB of RAM but the screen is slightly smaller at 15 inches. This, however, is more than made up for by the inclusion of a 256 MB Radeon Graphics Card. Both of these laptops run on the Windows 7 OS.

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Finding a Workstation Laptop Under 400 Dollars

Dell-high-performance-laptopFinding a portable and durable laptop that you can use for work in the office or abroad is a high priority for anyone on the go or who needs a solid machine to handle important work, whether it be business or studies. There are a bunch of options these days and it’s hard seeing through the noise. The rise of the ultrabook has added another spin to the story as these ultra portable high battery life machines are built solely with basic applications in mind such as surfing the internet or using Word for work. These ultrabooks are set to rival even Macs tight hold on the ballsack of many consumers.

In the budget market there are a lot of ultrabooks available but they often have limited power and almost always 11″ screens. This can be good for portability but has it’s down side as if you are thinking of using anything even remotely CPU intensive you will find yourself struggling. For some his won’t be an issue, but don’t expect a machine that can handle 20 browser windows and a bunch of applications at the same time without taking a bit of strain. At the end of the day you get what you pay for and for under 400 dollars your options are going to be limited.

That said, don’t give up hope that you will be able to find a budget laptop for you that will do everything you need it to in this price bracket.  Use sites such as LaptopNinja to help you find laptops under $400 by checking reviews on popular options before taking the dive yourself. Often if you look past the bullcrap you will find some solid deals with cheap machines that have amazing specs  for the price. leading retailers online usually run specials on laptops from time to time otherwise going down to your nearest best buy is always a good option if you prefer to do all of your shopping in person. This also gives you the opportunity of giving the laptop a hands on test before diving in and buying which can be key. Often things such as build quality will only really be known after giving the machine a feel in order to judge how solid it’s components are. Especially for portable laptops that intend to be used as travel mates as these need to be as rugged as humanly possible in order to withstand the wear and tear of the road.

All in all keep searching and you are bound to find something for your work or student needs without breaking the bank or the need to sell yourself on the streets for a few extra bucks.

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Owning a Laptop Under 300 Dollars

cheap-black-macOwning a budget laptop can be quite a chore. You will need to spend a lot of time on things such as PC maintenance which includes both software maintenance and hardware maintenance. Software maintenance is a lot easier as it simply involves making sure you don’t wander onto too many free porn sites and get your PC infected with the equivalent of guanaria. Hardware maintenance on the other hand can be a real ball ache. You seriously need to watch out if your laptop starts hiccuping as if a part burns out there is a chance that you may never find the right replacement and losing your investment entirely.

Fort software maintenance I would use programs for your laptop such as ESET Antivirus and Defraggler. Defraggler can be used to defrag your hard drive and it does a much better job than Window’s native defrag tool. Antivirus is of course self explanatory and is to protect your PC from the many malicious viruses rife on the internet. All in all these programs won’t cost too much and will make a world of difference to the speed and performance of your laptops. Other things to consider are things such as reformatting your hard drive. This needs to be done ideally at least every 6 -12 months to ensure your laptop runs at it’s full potential. You may find after a little while that your laptop becomes sluggish – this is a sure sign that it’s time to reformat.

Laptops under 300 dollars on the hardware side of things generally may not stock the top quality components that higher end laptops do. This makes hardware maintenance even more of a chore than software maintenance. A lot of companies may skimp out when it comes to cheap laptops and uses below par parts . This is common boils and boils do to the age old saying that you get what you pay for. That said, there are still a lot of things you can do to avoid a blow out. Your laptops heat is probably the number one factor to keep in mind. When too hot your are setting yourself up for failure as the chances are the components in your laptop won’t be able to stand higher temperatures for long considering their budget nature. If you feel your laptop getting hot remember to switch it off, especially in summer. You may find yourself getting impatient but just that 10-15 minutes turned off could save you an arm and a leg if your laptop were to ever keesh out unexpectedly.

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Deals on Laptops from 300-400 Dollars

Leading retailers in the online space and big retailers such as Best Buy run specials on laptops frequently. Finding a solid laptop under 300-400 dollars these days ia a lot less of a chore than it once was. With the speed at which technology is improving, as well the rise of the tablet and the smartphone, in some ways laptops have taken a back seat. THis is good because it means that now more then ever you are all set to find a real bargain.

A few years ago the laptops in this price bracket on offer today would have cost at least 2-3 times what they do now. You can find laptops with specs that are pretty jaw dropping all things considered. First thing first though – you need to know exactly what it is that you’ll be using your laptop for as this is what will affect your purchase the most. If you are a student , then you don’t need anything with majorly powerful specs but portability and battery life will be something to keep in mind. If you are a gamer, then specs is pretty much all you should be looking at especially a standalone Nvidia or Radeon graphics card which will form the crux of your machine. That said, don’t expect any amazing gaming machines for this price. You will be able to play games from a few years back ok but modern titles will simply be too much unless you are willing to invest more. If you are just looking for a casually all around machine or watching games and storing media then you will want something somewhere in-between but with a lot of harddrive space for storing all of your media.

Spec wise as a general rule you should be looking for something that’s a dual core or above. An i3 or i5 is the best you are going to find so look at for these like gold. For RAM you will want at least 2-4 – you could probably get away with 1GB in some cases but unless you are a really basic user it’s bound to cause issues and sluggishness. Harddrive space in this price bracket will vary from 100-320GB . Depending on how much media you want to store (and how large your fap collection is) you might need less or more though in general you can never really have too much storage space – you’re bound to use it all eventually!

The most important part is to make sure that you put the effort in and do the research before buying. If not you are setting yourself up for failure. Looking for the perfect laptop within your budget is an art and especially when you are on a shoestring budget you really need to put in the effort to get solid results.

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