Deals on Laptops from 300-400 Dollars

Leading retailers in the online space and big retailers such as Best Buy run specials on laptops frequently. Finding a solid laptop under 300-400 dollars these days ia a lot less of a chore than it once was. With the speed at which technology is improving, as well the rise of the tablet and the smartphone, in some ways laptops have taken a back seat. THis is good because it means that now more then ever you are all set to find a real bargain.

A few years ago the laptops in this price bracket on offer today would have cost at least 2-3 times what they do now. You can find laptops with specs that are pretty jaw dropping all things considered. First thing first though – you need to know exactly what it is that you’ll be using your laptop for as this is what will affect your purchase the most. If you are a student , then you don’t need anything with majorly powerful specs but portability and battery life will be something to keep in mind. If you are a gamer, then specs is pretty much all you should be looking at especially a standalone Nvidia or Radeon graphics card which will form the crux of your machine. That said, don’t expect any amazing gaming machines for this price. You will be able to play games from a few years back ok but modern titles will simply be too much unless you are willing to invest more. If you are just looking for a casually all around machine or watching games and storing media then you will want something somewhere in-between but with a lot of harddrive space for storing all of your media.

Spec wise as a general rule you should be looking for something that’s a dual core or above. An i3 or i5 is the best you are going to find so look at for these like gold. For RAM you will want at least 2-4 – you could probably get away with 1GB in some cases but unless you are a really basic user it’s bound to cause issues and sluggishness. Harddrive space in this price bracket will vary from 100-320GB . Depending on how much media you want to store (and how large your fap collection is) you might need less or more though in general you can never really have too much storage space – you’re bound to use it all eventually!

The most important part is to make sure that you put the effort in and do the research before buying. If not you are setting yourself up for failure. Looking for the perfect laptop within your budget is an art and especially when you are on a shoestring budget you really need to put in the effort to get solid results.

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