Finding a Workstation Laptop Under 400 Dollars

Dell-high-performance-laptopFinding a portable and durable laptop that you can use for work in the office or abroad is a high priority for anyone on the go or who needs a solid machine to handle important work, whether it be business or studies. There are a bunch of options these days and it’s hard seeing through the noise. The rise of the ultrabook has added another spin to the story as these ultra portable high battery life machines are built solely with basic applications in mind such as surfing the internet or using Word for work. These ultrabooks are set to rival even Macs tight hold on the ballsack of many consumers.

In the budget market there are a lot of ultrabooks available but they often have limited power and almost always 11″ screens. This can be good for portability but has it’s down side as if you are thinking of using anything even remotely CPU intensive you will find yourself struggling. For some his won’t be an issue, but don’t expect a machine that can handle 20 browser windows and a bunch of applications at the same time without taking a bit of strain. At the end of the day you get what you pay for and for under 400 dollars your options are going to be limited.

That said, don’t give up hope that you will be able to find a budget laptop for you that will do everything you need it to in this price bracket.  Use sites such as LaptopNinja to help you find laptops under $400 by checking reviews on popular options before taking the dive yourself. Often if you look past the bullcrap you will find some solid deals with cheap machines that have amazing specs  for the price. leading retailers online usually run specials on laptops from time to time otherwise going down to your nearest best buy is always a good option if you prefer to do all of your shopping in person. This also gives you the opportunity of giving the laptop a hands on test before diving in and buying which can be key. Often things such as build quality will only really be known after giving the machine a feel in order to judge how solid it’s components are. Especially for portable laptops that intend to be used as travel mates as these need to be as rugged as humanly possible in order to withstand the wear and tear of the road.

All in all keep searching and you are bound to find something for your work or student needs without breaking the bank or the need to sell yourself on the streets for a few extra bucks.

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